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Letter: Cherry Hill resident calls previous letter about teachers “disrespectful”

While everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, I wish I hadn’t read Joseph Golkow’s disrespectful letter to the editor from the Dec. 17 issue. He asks educators to get “real” jobs and “fight traffic” — this man does not have a clue!

What an immense responsibility and how utterly draining it is to work in a classroom on the front lines. Teachers are life-changers. They are heroes. They spend more hours with our children than many parents do, and so should be fairly compensated for their essential work.

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What kind of community would this be without educated citizens? We can’t just download information into our brains and get smart, we need to learn from other human beings. Let’s not discourage intelligent, caring people from entering this noble profession!

I would love to know what Mr. Golkow classifies as a “real” job. His assumptions were baseless, his argument was weak, and his words were hurtful. Why did he have to put down our teachers? How is he affected by the contract issue other than to be merely annoyed hearing about it? I sincerely hope that his letter went largely unnoticed by your readers.

Stephanie Zinn


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