Shamong Public Works to do brush pick up the week of Nov. 3

Due to new State guidelines, the Shamong Township Public Works Department will go through the Township one time only the week of Nov. 3, picking up brush that has been left properly in the Township right of way. Please follow the rules listed below to insure your brush is picked up.

  • Brush cannot be larger than six inches in diameter nor less than four feet in length. All brush must be tied with twine in bundles of no more than 60 pounds. No firewood length 12" to 24" or longer than eight feet in length will be accepted.
  • Leaves cannot be included in the brush bundles. The chipper does not grind the leaves and there is no place to dispose of the leaves.
  • Public Works cannot chip lumber, railroad ties, building material, telephone poles, or fence posts. Any bundles containing these materials will be rejected.
  • Please be considerate of employees and do not place any poison ivy or briars in the brush piles. Severe allergic reactions are possible. Any bundles containing these items will be rejected.
  • Decaying and excessively brittle branches cannot be chipped and will be rejected.
  • Rejected piles will not be reconsidered.

Please remember, brush pick-up is provided as a free service to residents who are cleaning up the yard around their house. It is not to remove bushes, stumps, trees and other debris resulting from plant removal, lot clearing, pool installation, construction, addition, new decks, etc. Removal of debris resulting from these activities should be arranged by the homeowner or the contractor. Bundles resulting from these activities will be rejected and other arrangements will have to be made by the homeowner to remove them at their expense.

If you would like to request free wood chips for your yard, please call (609) 268–2377 ext. 304 or e-mail The township will deliver free wood chips to those who request them on a first come, first serve basis.