LDTV looking for district alumni

Lenape District Television is looking for Lenape District alumni who are interested in sharing memories from their days in high school and provide updates on what they’ve been doing since graduation to be on the alumni interview show, “Where Are They Now?”

The program features graduates of Lenape, Shawnee and Cherokee high schools, Seneca High School is still too young, who have attained a special level of recognition within their career field.

LDTV is looking for alumni from the class of 2004 and all previous years from Lenape, Shawnee and Cherokee. Nominations are welcome from classmates, parents and teachers. In addition to individual interviews, LDTV welcomes group interviews of spouses who graduated from district schools, siblings who have unique careers, and even inter-generational interviews of families — a parent and child, each of whom graduated from one of the district’s schools. LDTV is also able to conduct remote interviews via Skype video.

LDTV is constantly in search of alumni whose success and contributions to society after graduation will not only honor its graduates, but will also motivate current students by demonstrating the results of the quality education delivered in the district’s schools.