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Village of Taunton Forge preparing shopping center revitalization project

The Village of Taunton Forge received approval from Medford Township at the September planning board meeting to embark on the preliminary plans to revitalize the over 40-year old shopping hub for local residents. Thirty people attended the meeting including Jim, Steven and David DePetris, owners of the shopping center.

The goal of the revitalization is to create a center that is economically viable and esthetically pleasing, providing residents of Medford with shopping options and services that will meet their needs and reflect the Medford community lifestyle.

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“Our father, Joseph DePetris, built a remarkable project in 1978, expanding it in 1983,” said Jim. “The family’s goal is to take this project to the next level as the dominant shopping center in the Medford community. We appreciate the confidence placed in the DePetris family by the Planning Commission in granting the approvals.”

One of the major components of the redevelopment is providing a larger space to accommodate a supermarket anchor up to 60,000 square feet. Further plans include filling the empty stores with interesting retailers and restaurants that will serve local shoppers, and make the Village of Taunton Forge a favorite shopping destination once again.

“We need to change with the times by offering a shopping center that will attract quality retailers and restaurants that will serve area residents,” said David. “Without question, The Village of Taunton Forge is the best location in Medford, situated in the heart of all the beautiful lake communities.”

“As far as the look of the center,” said Jim, “my father got it right the first time by designing a center that was in harmony with the green environment of Medford, something that was quite different for its time. It is our goal to reflect and repeat our father’s accomplishments with this revitalization.”


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