New business administrator named for Evesham Township School District


It’s the start of the new school year, and for the Evesham Township school district, that also means the start for its new business administrator.

Superintendent John Scavelli recently announced that John Recchinti, 54, would join the E.T.S.D. as the district’s new business administrator.

Recchinti is replacing Dennis Nettleton, who served the district from May 2010 through June 2014 and left to serve as business administrator of the Ewing Township Public School District in Mercer County.

Recchinti graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in accounting. He lives in Berlin Township.

His career in education started when he served as an accountant and assistant business administrator at Eastern Regional High School for three years.

He left Eastern in 2001 to take the position of business administrator of the Pennsville Township School District in Salem County, a position he held for the last 13 years.

According Recchinti, the Pennsville district serves students from grades K-12, and has about 2,000 students, around half the number in the Evesham district.

Recchinti said he left his position in Pennsville because he thought it was time for a change and a new challenge.

“I’d been there a good amount of years, and we moved things forward,” Recchinti said. “We accomplished, I think, a lot of good things while I was there. We did a lot of facility challenges and we worked on that over the years, and it just felt like it was the time to move on and look for a new challenge.”

When asked what accomplishment he was most proud of while working in the Pennsville district, Recchinti said he couldn’t name just one.

Recchinti said he was proud to work with administrators, staff and the community to accomplish different things, such as upgrading facilities and educational initiatives.

“To me, I’m just part of the process, so I’m just proud being part of the team and being able to do the great things they were able to do down there for their students,” Recchinti said.

Recchinti also said he’s not a big “me person,” and he applies that same attitude of teamwork and cooperation to his normal work processes.

“I always say that if people that aren’t even involved with something I’m doing, if they’re doing their job and letting me do my job, then they’ve contributed to the project just because I didn’t have to deal with an issue that could have been pulling me away,” Recchinti said.

Looking to the future and his time in Evesham, Recchinti said he plans on being around for awhile, and told Evesham officials as much during his interview.

“I said ‘I plan on being here 10 years’ because I don’t look to go somewhere and say this is just a stepping stone to somewhere else,” Recchinti said. “It takes a few years to get things going, and once you get on a roll with everybody, you want to keep it going.”

According to Recchinti, he looks forward to the new challenges Evesham can offer him, and he looks forward to being a part of the team in the district.

“I just want to contribute and be part of the team here,” Recchinti said. “It’s a community school district, it’s the board, the administrators, and I’m just part of the team to help move forward whatever initiatives they deem is the direction that they want to go in.”