Telephone Scam references the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department

There is an ongoing telephone scam referencing the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department. According to sheriff Jean Stanfield, a suspect identifying himself as a member of the sheriff’s department has been calling victims and informing them that they have a warrant issued for their arrest on failure to report to jury duty. The suspect then advises victims to purchase Vanilla Visa or Green Dot cards to pay the fine. Once purchased, the suspect advises the victims to go to the county building at 49 Rancocas Road, Mt. Holly, threatening that they will be arrested upon entering the building and therefore should verify the numbers and amounts on the card prior to entry.

The sheriff’s office would never contact residents in this manner and does not solicit bail or fine money for payment over the phone. The Burlington County Sheriff’s Department and the Burlington Township Police Department are currently conducting a joint investigation into the scam. If you are contacted, please immediately contact detective Paula Fox of the Burlington County Sheriff’s Department at (609) 265–5578 or detective Marc Carnivale of the Burlington Township Police Department at (609) 239–5859