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Superintendent Richard Perry offers a vision for the new school year


With the school year set to start, Superintendent Richard Perry has some district-wide and individual goals he expects will make the school even better.

“The primary district goal for this school year is applying critical thinking skills to digital learners for the 21st century,” Perry said. “In addition, during the 2014–15 school year, the district will focus on supporting educators to continue teaching in the tradition of innovation, rigor, engagement and creativity for student success.”

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The district received several commendations for its participation in the state pilot teacher evaluation program, which uses a new technology platform to collect data on student and teacher performance.

Many of the initiatives parents and students can expect in the upcoming school year have to do with technology.

The district has created a digital badge website for teachers for self-guided professional development for integrating technology into instruction. All schools have implemented technology maps along with academic enrichment being developed for afterschool programs focused on STEM inquiry, critical thinking and teamwork, and electronic techbooks have been successfully piloted.

While these programs will be used across the board, Perry also has a vision specifically for the high school.

“Several dynamic programs and initiatives will be implemented at the high school during this upcoming 2014–15 school year to prepare students for career pathways and college/university readiness in the 21st century,” Perry said.

Some of these programs include online textbooks and the “Bring Your Own Device to School” policy, which allows students to utilize their own technology.

“HMHS mirrors a college/university campus in which students use their smart phones and laptops on a regular basis in the school courtyard, libraries, classrooms and campus to participate in research, online courses and programs, and communicate with teachers and professors on college/university campuses,” Perry said.

Perry has also recognized the district will continue to expand its community bond by using e-blasts and social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Perry has also initiated a post-site at www.haddonfieldsupt.wordpress.com, where Perry can share his thoughts and vision with the community.

But, while there will be a lot of changes made and new programs, Perry continues to focus on the teachers and community.

“While programs and initiatives are important, what truly makes a school great are the people that foster a love for learning. We have smart, creative and dedicated teachers, eager to begin the new school year,” Perry said. “We are proud and excited to introduce new faculty and staff to our school communities. The new teachers selected to join our faculty were chosen because of their strong commitment to student-centered education. These new hires join existing staff, and will work collaboratively to engage the students of Haddonfield in a rich and meaningful school experience.”


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