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Medford Police warning local businesses about utility scam

Medford Police are warning residents about an ongoing scam allegedly involving the PSE&G Collections Department. Investigations are ongoing, but the reported scam has been the same in all instances.

Local businesses have been targeted by suspects claiming to work for PSE&G. The suspects allege the business’s utility account is in collections and service would be turned off if payment wasn’t received immediately. The business representative is instructed to purchase Green Dot cards, similar to gift cards, and provide the access number on the card. The suspect then withdraws the funds.

After a short period of time, the suspect calls again and advises the payment was insufficient. More money is demanded, payable in the same method. This process repeats, until the victim has turned over several thousands of dollars and can no longer pay.

Any legitimate utility company will not request payment in the form of Green Dot cards. The utility company also gives ample notice of any pending shut off via mail. Pending shut offs or bill questions should be directed through the numbers provided on the utility bill, not the number provided on any suspicious phone call. Further, police can assist with any suspicious phone calls believed to be unusual or similar to the above scam.

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