Cherry Hill Restaurant Week preview: Seasons 52


Depending on when you visit Seasons 52, you may have one of any number of countless experiences.

The entrance features a sand and seashell landscape just to the right as one walks in. However, in the winter, the area instead features a fireplace.

As one may gather with the name, the menu inside is constantly changing with the seasons outside. These changes are not just evident in the décor of the restaurant.

One of Seasons 52’s Restaurant Week entrees for lunch will be the Angus Beef

Burger, a new item recently added to the menu. The burger was added as the restaurant changed over to its summer menu on June 24.

The burger is cooked with a mushroom duxelle and includes lettuce and a roasted plum tomato. A small jar of pickles is added on the side.

Like all entrees at Seasons 52, the burger is a low calorie dish at only 475 calories. Seasons 52 wants its guests to “live well” but wants to also provide a full meal.

“There’s no skimping on the food,” said Kait Fitzpatrick, Seasons 52’s sales manager. “It’s all in the preparation.”

While the burger is a new item, the restaurant is also featuring some old favorites. A selection of flatbreads will be available as an appetizer for guests during Restaurant Week. Fitzpatrick described the restaurant as a flagship for flatbreads.

“The crust is so thin and crispy that a lot of other flatbreads can’t compete,” she said.

All Restaurant Week meals come complete with sweet indulgences dessert. Desserts are served in a small glass and are less than 375 calories.

Seasons 52’s Restaurant Week menu features a wide variety of dishes for every taste bud, including chicken, salmon and steak.

“We want to showcase our most popular items,” said assistant managing partner Daniel Cestare. “We’re not reducing our for portions for

Restaurant Week.”

Seasons 52 is located on the Route 38 side of the Cherry Hill Mall. Reservations can be made on their website,