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Letter to the Editor- Mayor Christopher J. Chiacchio


The Town Council meeting held on Monday July 7 was an extraordinary meeting for many reasons. Sustainable Moorestown presented the findings of their investigation into whether a solar project was suitable for the township and identified the potential for a solar field to be located at the Pulverizer Services site located on New Albany Road. The Pulverizer Services site is an EPA Superfund Site and brownfield. The goal would be to install a solar array on approximately seven acres in order to produce five mega watts of power, which is equivalent to the power used annually by the township buildings including the lighting for the sports fields. In addition to offsetting most if not all of the costs of powering the township facilities and reducing the township’s carbon footprint, this capital investment has the capacity to generate a substantial cash flow depending on the township’s investment. In addition, there is a competitive grant offered by EPA we can pursue to convert brownfields to solar fields. I stress that this project is still in its infancy and there is substantial research and planning that needs to be completed. The next step is to engage the services of an engineer to help move the plan forward. This is an exciting endeavor that will yield benefits to our residents for years to come.

Kathy Logue of the Friends of Percheron Park updated the council on the fundraising efforts for Percheron Park. Percheron Park is going to be located at the corner of Main Street and High Street. The site was previously occupied by a gas station and is currently undergoing environmental remediation related to its prior use. The FOPP have raised about $70,000 for the construction of the park. Depending on when the environmental remediation is completed, construction of the park should start soon. Percheron Park will be a great part of Main Street to be enjoyed by our residents and visitors alike.

Lastly, Ragan Design Group provided their findings related to their diligent and exhaustive investigation into the costs associated with renovating the old library building. Regrettably, due to the condition of the building, it will cost about $3,400,000 to repair the problems and bring the building current with building codes. Moreover, it will cost over $3,000,000 to fit out the building for another use for a total cost exceeding $6,400,000. Additionally, there are not enough parking spaces to accommodate the new library, Town Hall, the Rec Center and a proposed use of the old library. The Council, being committed to acting in the best interest of the residents, made the decision to demolish the old library. The demolition will occur sometime over the next few months. A decision has not been made on any future uses for the site.

As always, the council is committed to finding ways to improve our great town.

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