The Community House seeks funds with “Our Unity Capital Campaign”


The Community House has been around for 88 years, and for the first time, fundraising is needed to fund the building many feel is the emblem of the town.

As a result of the downturn in the economy a few years ago, The Community House lost some of its main revenue streams, including rental income and donations. With this loss of income, certain measures were taken to ensure the bills could be paid.

“We renovated the ballroom to generate enough income to cover operating expenses and it worked,” Board President George Schulmann said. “Our permanent maintenance fund, however, has dropped dramatically, and since we don’t receive any funding from local, state or federal government, we are now asking for the community’s support.”

The goal of “Our Unity Capital Campaign” is to raise $2 million. Capital Campaign Committee Co-Chairs Kevin Kutcher and Will Merriken are leading the fundraising efforts.

“The goal was set based on identified needs,” Merriken said. “The objectives of the campaign are to complete critical capital improvements, pay down the mortgage and replenish the permanent maintenance fund so we can continue creating memories and supporting the organizations who focus on giving back.”

Some of the capital improvements identified by Schulmann are a new roof, bricks and mortar, air conditioning and updates to the parking lot, to name a few.

“It is our responsibility to keep The Community House intact for future generations to appreciate and enjoy,” Schulmann said. “Great things happen here, and our mission is to make sure that continues.”

The Community House serves more than 70 non-profit and service organizations. Its mission is to “house organizations whose operations do not benefit any private stakeholder or individual.”

“This place is a home away from home for most people in the community,” Schulmann said. “Ninety percent of the things that happen at The Community House are by non-profits. It’s a place for everyone from the community to come and enjoy themselves, and we have to preserve that because it’s something that not many towns or communities can say they have.”

To date, “Our Unity Capital Campaign” has raised nearly $600,000. The campaign will continue through Dec. 31.

“We are encouraged by the support we have received so far and hope that this campaign educates everyone about how much good happens here so we can reach our goal and assure the future,” Kutcher said.

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