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Burlington County Freeholders cut property taxes for 5th consecutive year

Freeholder Director Bruce Garganio announced today that the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders have adopted a budget that cuts county property taxes for the fifth year in a row. The freeholders’ 2014 budget decreases county property taxes by $511,260.

“I am proud to announce that we have once again cut taxes while maintaining and enhancing the first rate services we offer for families, seniors, veterans, and the most vulnerable among us,” Garganio said. “Through our efforts to do more with less the amount of tax dollars required to run county government has now decreased by $24.2 million since 2008, more than in any other county in the State of New Jersey.”

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“In fact, during the same time period county property taxes across the state increased $18.6 million. Burlington County continues to have the lowest per resident cost when compared to other counties throughout the state, at just $339 per resident compared to an average of $551.70 statewide. While other counties are taxing more, Burlington County is taxing less.”

“Over the last six years the county share of our residents’ property tax bill has decreased by over 20 percent. Last year county taxes made up only 14.9 percent of a resident’s property tax bill.” Garganio said. “It was this commitment to fiscal responsibility that led the respected Pew Charitable Trust to credit Burlington County with having the lowest residential tax burden in the Philadelphia region.”


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