‘Sunrise Artist’ names Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Art Festival one of the 200 Best Shows

Crafts Festival

The Haddonfield Crafts and Fine Art Festival is back for its 22nd year on July 12–13. The show will bring together artists and crafters from all walks of life to showcase the quality of homemade goods.

The event is expected to see more than 100,000 attendees over the two days in downtown Haddonfield and has been voted as one of the 200 Best Shows by “Sunrise Artist.”

“We will have more than 270 crafters and artists,” Marcy Boroff, the Arts and Crafts Festival presenter and coordinator, said. “We have crafters who have been participating for more than 15 years and they keep coming back because of the support of Haddonfield.”

The festival will provide a mixture of old and new, according to Boroff. While there are many repeat participants, there will also be a wide variety of new vendors at this year’s event.

“Every year we get a swarm of new vendors who want to participate,” she said. “Most of them hear about the festival through word of mouth, which is a testament to just how much people enjoy coming to Haddonfield every summer.”

Emily Keifer is one of the vendors participating in the festival this year, and has been participating for a number of years.

“With so many corporate stores taking over, people are looking for handmade goods,” Keifer said. “There aren’t many opportunities like this out there for people, and I think that’s why people look forward to this event so much every year. There are so many options for them here.”

Boroff looks to get as much of a variety in vendors as possible, not only regarding age, but also the types of art. This year’s event will feature potters, jewelry makers, furniture designers, digital media and all types of artists.

“In order to appease everyone, we try to spread ourselves out,” Boroff said. “We want families to be able to come out, so we have to appeal to young people as well as adults.”

Without the support of the people and the town, Boroff understands there would be no show, which makes her strive to make the festival fun for everyone.

“The festival truly is a partnership between the people and the crafters,” she said. “The people come for the great art and the crafters come for the support of the people, but what ties it all together is Haddonfield.”

“The downtown shopping of Haddonfield is the perfect backdrop for the festival,” Keifer said. “People travel from all over the state and even from out of state to come, and a lot of it is because they enjoy Haddonfield.”

The festival will take place between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 12 and 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 13 along Kings Highway between Washington and Haddon Avenue and along Tanner Street to Euclid Avenue. Kings Highway will be closed down during the event. Parking is free on both days.

For more information, visit www.downtownhaddonfield.com.