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Help celebrate 10 years of the Sun newspapers

We realize that you may have other, more pressing concerns on your mind. After all, summer has officially started, the kids are out of school, it’s hot, it’s rainy, then it’s hot again.

You’d rather be by a pool or at the beach, avoiding the South Jersey bear or the Jersey Shore shark, planning your Fourth of July celebrations, your family vacation, or pondering the silliness of the government making salt water taffy the state’s official candy.

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And yes, we realize that late June is not typically the time for reflection. That is usually reserved for the waning days of December and the beginning of a new year.

But for us at Elauwit Media, we’ve spent the last few months looking back, and we’ll be spending a chunk of our summer doing the same.

That’s because, come August, we’ll be turning 10 years old. Our first newspaper, The Haddonfield Sun, debuted in August 2004. Since then, we’ve expanded quite a bit.

Along the way, we have some great memories. We’ve made great contacts, some great friends and have done our best to serve the residents of every town we cover.

Now, it’s time to reflect on those 10 years. This summer, we’ll be celebrating the last decade, and we want your input.

What has the last 10 years meant to you? What does your life look like today compared to what it looked like in 2004? What does any stretch of 10 years mean in a larger sense?

Over the summer, we’ll be compiling stories, photos and more that help us paint a picture of what 2004–2014 has meant, both to us specifically and to the town and its residents.

If you’d like to be a part of this effort, if you’d like to contribute your thoughts, your insights, your stories and your photos, please send an email to tronaldson@elauwitmedia.com.

We’re involving our readers in our 10-year celebration because you are the reason we started our first Sun newspaper, you are the reason we started more, and you are the reason we continue to publish every week.

The last 10 years have been great for us, and we hope they have been equally as great for you.

Help us reflect on these past 10 years as we prepare for the next 10, and hopefully even more.


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