Bill protecting bicyclists sponsored by Assemblyman Christopher J. Brown approved by assembly


Assemblyman Christopher J. Brown, R-Burlington, Atlantic and Ocean announced that a bill he sponsored to make the state’s roadways safe for bicyclists was approved by the assembly.

Bill A-2090 establishes a fine of up to $500 for any operator of a motor vehicle who commits a motor vehicle violation that causes a collision with a bicyclist.

“In a state as densely populated as New Jersey, the roadways are heavily congested, making it particularly dangerous when bicyclists and motorists must share the road,” Brown said. “The fine is tangible encouragement for drivers to exercise extra caution when bicyclists are on the road.”

National statistics show that on average, 800 bike-riders are killed, and 60,000 are injured in vehicle related crashes.

“Driver error accounts for many of the accidents, and when it is bike vs. car, the car always wins,” said Brown, who noted the bill was prompted by a constituent who brought his concerns to the Assemblyman’s attention. “In the summer, more bicycles are on the roads, and we want drivers and riders to be aware of the dangers.

“Bicyclists should be aware of designated bike routes in their communities, and motorists and bike-riders both need to exercise caution and follow the rules to keep the roadways safe.”