Seneca High School’s Renaissance Club honors students for their character

Seneca High School’s Renaissance Club honors students for their character

As the school year winds down, schools often take time to honor their students for their achievements on the athletic fields or in the classroom. The Seneca High School Renaissance Club took the evening of May 29 to recognize students for what they do when the grade books are put away and they think no one is watching.

“Seneca’s faculty and staff recognize students who have impressed them with their manners, determination, willingness to help others, dedication or maybe they have just made them smile every day. It’s an extremely special night. Students who win these awards are given a medal that can be worn at their graduation ceremony. This is always a great event,” Seneca’s public relations representative Sean Cassel said.

In the weeks prior to the Renaissance Club’s People’s Choice Awards, held for the last 11 years, Seneca had recognized students with academic and athletic awards. This night of awards is just as important in the minds of the staff at Seneca.

“I feel this is our most important awards night,” master of ceremonies and Seneca media specialist Kathy Donoghue said in her opening remarks.

“Tonight we are going to celebrate character. All of our winners have impressed us, whether it be with their manners or determination. It is said that character is shown when no one is looking. We want to let you know that we are looking and you should be recognized for it.”

This year’s ceremony recognized 47 students with medals as well as a speech from the teacher who was responsible for nominating them. Many of the teachers who spoke thanked the students for making their job that much more enjoyable.
Principal Jeffrey Spector spoke to the students commending them for their attitude and commitment to making Seneca a better place to attend school.

“To our students, congratulations. You are not here by accident, you have done the remarkable. On behalf of the staff, thank you for touching our lives,” Spector said.

Donoghue wanted students to be as proud of this accomplishment as they are of their athletic or academic achievements.

“To our people’s choice nominees, you are awesome and someone wanted to point that out. Wear your medals proudly at graduation,” Donoghue said.

Lenape Regional High School District’s director of programs and planning, Christopher Heilig, commended the students for the environment they created at Seneca.

“The fine culture here at Seneca is due to connections. Seneca is a special place due to the student, parent and teacher connection,” Heilig said.