Moorestown Town Hall Opens its Doors

Moorestown Town Hall

It has been nearly seven years since the Moorestown Township Council has met in its own chambers. That streak ended May 19, when the new Moorestown Town Hall opened its doors for the first time.

“Folks at home, don’t adjust your television,” Mayor Chris Chiacchio joked. “We’re not in the IT room anymore. Today is an extraordinary day. This starts a new chapter in the history of Moorestown. The library and town hall will shape the future of this town for generations to come.”

Chiacchio was not the only council member to praise the new building. In fact, every council member spoke highly of the building and what it means for the town.

“This building is the result of many hands,” Councilman Greg Newcomer said. “The residents, the designers, the township staff and everyone in between have made this a place to serve our children’s children.”

Council thanked the Ragan Design Group, Sambe Construction Co. and Greyhawk for their efforts in making this project happen. The final cost of the buildings comes to $16.2 million, which includes the expenses for the first design and moving costs.

The township received the temporary certificate of occupancy on Friday, May 16 for Town Hall, but is still waiting for the furniture for the new Library, which is delaying that opening.

“I began to wonder if it was really going to happen,” Councilwoman Victoria Napolitano said. “It began to feel like a dream, but today it’s a reality.”

The opening of the new Town Hall closes a chapter in the history of Moorestown. And while the council was relieved at that time being over, they did not forget to thank those who have provided help along the way.

“We couldn’t have done this without the support of our school board,” Chiacchio said. “They, along with our neighboring towns, provided us with rooms and buildings to conduct our business over these past seven years, and we would like to thank them all.”

Council members were not the only ones at the meeting who were impressed and relieved at the opening of the new Town Hall. A number of residents took the opportunity to congratulate and applaud the new building as well.

The official grand opening of the building will not occur until the library is complete, which should be sometime in June.

In other news:

• The issue of litter at the Moorestown recreation fields was discussed. There have been bottles and trash left on the fields after many of the tournaments and games. Councilman Phil Garwood suggested the player’s stay to clean the fields after the games.

• Deputy Mayor Stacey Jordan is working on a smoking ban campaign with the Girl Scout Troops.