Chapel Avenue in Cherry Hill to be paved on Saturday

The Camden County Department of Public Works will repave Chapel Avenue in front of Cherry Hill High School West on Saturday. The construction season has started early this year in response to the historic winter weather and paving operations have been working since February to repair and rebuild roadways.

“Now that spring has officially arrived we are already into our road maintenance program. As soon as our crews finish Kresson-Gibbsboro Road we will start staging equipment on Chapel Avenue,” said Freeholder Ian Leonard, liaison to the county department of public works. “There will be some inconvenience to the motoring public for this mill and overlay, but this section of Chapel Avenue must be fully reconstructed.”

The work on Chapel Avenue is being done on Saturday in order to not interfere with buses and other traffic that must access the school during the week. The exact timing of the project is dependent upon weather and other factors. Motorists should be cognizant of the project and find alternative routes around the area of construction this weekend.

In addition to a variety of repaving projects throughout the county, the Department of Public Works is still out patching thousands of potholes with several crews working throughout the area. Furthermore, the county is still operating a pothole-filling machine called the Pothole Killer, which is comprised of a truck with a tank on the back and a boom on the front that can be controlled from inside the cab to fill ruts and holes in 90 seconds.

“These breaks in the pavement can create safety hazards and can cause damage to vehicles, so motorists are urged to report any pothole they observe on county roads,” Leonard explained. “We need motorists to become engaged in this effort to make Camden County a better place to live and drive throughout our 1,200 lane miles of highway.”

Camden County is aggressive about locating and repairing potholes on all county maintained roads. The Freeholder Board asks residents to report road hazards they encounter to the Camden County Public Works Hotline (856) 566–2980. The number is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week.