Evesham Fire District №1 requests public to vote for budget on Feb. 15

Evesham Fire District №1 requests public to vote for budget on Feb. 15

Evesham Fire District №1 is asking for the public’s support of Evesham Fire District’s proposed 2014 operating budget at the annual fire district election to be held on Saturday, Feb.15. As defined by New Jersey State law, the polls will be open from 2–9 p.m. at all three of Evesham’s fire stations.

The Fire District is asking for the voters to approve our proposed 2014 operating budget which provides for a very small increase in the budget. Our proposed budget plan will allow us to continue to provide superior levels of fire and emergency medical services to the citizens of Evesham Township. Last year our organization answered more than 1,700 calls for fire service and over 4,200 emergency medical incidents. Additionally, over 4,000 fire inspections were performed resulting in every commercial building in Evesham Township being inspected at least once.

The Evesham Fire District receives only $13,848 in State aid. In fact, we have never relied on any major funding from the State to make up our annual operational budgets. Therefore, we have not had to undergo any significant changes in our operations to make up for reductions in State aid.

The Evesham Fire District is by far the lowest per capita cost fire department in our area. This is a fact that we are very proud of as these costs not only include fire protection, but ambulance service and commercial business fire inspections as well. We also use the largest number of volunteers (115) of any fire district in the area to deliver not only top quality, but

also cost effective fire and ambulance service. Our use of this blend of local resident highly trained volunteers along with a top-notch career staff has served to both keep our operating cost low and, more importantly our fire and ambulance protection delivery services at a high level that our residents both demand and deserve.

All of the proposed annual operating budget information can be found on our website at www.eveshamfire.org

For further information, contact Chief Ted Lowden at 856–983–2210 or Fire District Business Administrator Paul Thomas at 856–983–2750.