Property deeds are going digital in Camden County

Camden County Clerk Joseph Ripa has overseen the scanning of more than 2.2 million images as part of a project to offer every property deed recorded in Camden County in a digital format. This new service will save time and effort to locate deeds for the public and for the title insurance industry to prove property ownership at the time of sale.

“Deeds dating back to 1844 are now searchable on the computer stations located in our office in Camden,” Ripa said. “To research these deeds previously, you would need to visit the lower level of the courthouse and page through large old books. Now a deed search is just a couple of key strokes away.”

Ripa went on to talk about new redundancies being created for aging documents.

“This process has not only made it easier to find older deeds, it is assisting in the preservation of the original historic documents by taking them out of circulation,” Ripa added. “Our office has implemented a superior way to store, access, and protect vital records.”

Ripa is now beginning the year-long process of digitizing mortgages. The project was funded through the Clerk’s Office trust fund. A portion of every recording fee goes to maintain the trust fund established for the purposes of upgrades and modernization of services.

For privacy and security reasons, you must visit the Camden County Clerk’s Office to obtain a copy of a deed. The information is not available on the Internet.