Haddonfield Tricentennial Committee seeks pictures of residents

The Haddonfield Tricentennial Committee and Haddonfield Civic Association are asking all Haddonfield residents to submit a photograph of their families in front of their homes this holiday season, with the family in the foreground and the home in the background, to memorialize life in Haddonfield in 2013. One hundred of the 4,600 Haddonfield households have submitted photos so far, and the deadline has been extended to Jan. 15, to accommodate families who will not be together until late December.

“We want to capture the people and places that made Haddonfield what it is in 2013, and preserve this snapshot of time for future generations,” said Maureen Eyles, executive director of Haddonfield’s Tricentennial. “Along with the photo, we want to record the family names and address of the home.”

To view the instructions for submitting digital or printed photographs, please visit www.haddonfield300.org/photo.

Digital and printed photographs will be collected for publication in a town-wide photo album, which will be donated to the Historical Society of Haddonfield’s archives for future generations to view and enjoy.

“I have enjoyed seeing the recent submissions of families in the snow. In 100 years, I think people will enjoy seeing the people who lived in their homes, how they decorated during the holidays, and even what they wore. This is a great memorial,” Eyles said.