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In our opinion: Slow down out there

How many times have you seen it: People driving around town throwing caution to the wind, as if they were on a NASCAR track? You’d think someone was giving away free hundred dollar bills.

Do they not know we have children walking around town? Do they not care about the safety of other motorists? Do they not care about their own safety?

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Seems like today, everyone is in a rush at all times; it seems like it’s getting worse with each passing year.

Somehow, by some miracle, New Jersey drivers aren’t the worst in the nation, at least according to an annual study recently released by CarInsuranceComparison.com. In fact, we’re only the 32nd worst state-full of drivers. If we’re only middle of the pack, we’d hate to be on the road in Louisiana, whose drivers were collectively ranked as the worst in the nation.

Even though we’re not as bad as some of our American brethren, it’s worth repeating: Slow down out there!

Nothing can be of such importance that you need to speed and drive erratically…every time you drive! It’s just not possible that your wife is giving birth for the fifth time this week.

Our children are walking our streets. Our elderly are still behind the wheel. And our ready, willing and able are out on the roads, trying to get to or from a New Year’s celebration.

Let’s make sure everyone gets where they’re going safely. Let’s all share the road with each other, and let’s stop being such maniacs — even if we’re not the worst.


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