Industrial zoned land changed to residential

By next year, an auction will be held and developers can bid on the property. The only plot of land left as an industrial zone is privately owned.

According to Nancy Jamanow, director of community development, the zoning change has been discussed within town council and with residents for approximately nine months. Residents from surrounding the area came to the council and asked for the land to be considered for a modification to a residential zone.

“We met with representatives from the surrounding residential communities, Village Green, Legacy Oaks and Sharp Run. They prefer residential and the builders proposed residential,” Jamanow said.

This new zoning change allows for the corner property on Sharp Road to have single-family homes and confirms the variance of two properties on the same street. One lot is owned by the township and property is owned by Scarborough which is approved for 21 single-family homes.

“This is a prime location for builders, and people want to live in a good community where there are good schools,” Jamanow said.

The lot, which is on Sharp Road, neighbors Boyles Brothers Inc. a trucking company. Owner, John Boyle addressed the council several times over the past year to find a compromise so the future residents won’t have too many complaints.

“If I could ensure anybody that there would be no complaints I would do that,” Jamanow said.

At this time, the newly zoned property is approved for single-family homes, but the property has not been subdivided yet.

Jamanow said there could be a point of sale disclosure that would inform the new residents of the pre-existing neighboring industrial zone in use and the potential for business to run for 24/7 hours and 365 days. The ordinance can also change the buffer and landscape zones to keep comfortable boundaries between the residents and industrial businesses.