Going green means more green in Tabernacle residents’ pockets

Incentives for Tabernacle residents to recycle will continue as the township committee elected to continue its partnership with Recycle Rewards Inc. during October’s meeting.

The partnership encourages residents of the township to recycle as much material as possible including bottles, cans, plastic, paper and cardboard. Under the renewed agreement certain aspects of the system will change to keep costs the same. In place of the current microchip system, residents can register for the program on the Recycle Bank website. If residents confirm on the website before bi-weekly pickup that they will have recyclables at the curb, they will receive 10 bonus points. Incentive based recycling is nothing new to Tabernacle residents.

According to township clerk LaShawn Barber, residents were assigned a 96-gallon container five years ago. Those containers are embedded with microchips that have been registered with the township to indicate the property location assigned to that particular container. When the recycling truck empties the bin, the microchip registers that that resident participated in the recycling effort. The recycling tonnage is weighed and points are assigned and divided amongst the residents that recycled that day. The more that is recycled, the more points are earned. Those points can then be redeemed for discounts to various businesses or for products. Township administrator Doug Cramer said that the only real difference is residents have to register online rather than rely solely on the microchip.

“With the new system, Recycle Bank was able to keep the cost to the township the same. And it gives residents an opportunity to earn bonus points if they confirm they are recycling every two weeks,” Cramer said.

If residents have not already done so or are new to the township, they may register with Recycle Bank for these points. To register visit: www.recyclebank.com or call (888) 727–2978.

Residents are asked to notify the township office should the container become damaged and need repairs. If a container is removed from the residence and needs to be replaced, the owner of the property must pay to replace this container. The cost is $65.00. The carts are still under warranty so the township will pay to repair or replace any damages. Call (609) 268–2570 for more information.

In other news:

  • The fall brush pickup and collection for all sections of Tabernacle Township has been completed. No further collection will be done until the spring schedule of 2014.

Section one will begin the week of March 31, section two will begin the week of April 7, section three will begin the week of April 21 and section four will begin the week of April 28. All work is weather permitting. Brush should be placed by the edge of the road by Sunday of the scheduled week.

  • The team of Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” filmed an episode for their upcoming season in the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Township administrator Doug Cramer said the producers had asked the township committee about using a municipal building to conduct interviews for the episode.