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Opinion: Goldenberg and Ruccolo, a strong addition to Moorestown BOE

I believe that when voters in Moorestown head into the voting booth next week, they would be serving our town well by casting two of their three Moorestown Board of Education votes for Kathy Goldenberg and Joseph Ruccolo.

Kathy Goldenberg is the current Vice President of the Board, and her dedication to the school system in Moorestown is second to none. She has been fighting to keep our taxes low and our budget in check, all while making sure that our town’s amazing educational system remains strong. Kathy brings a level of experience that is unmatched by any other candidate running this year — she serves as the Board’s liaison to the Garden State Coalition of Schools, has been active in the Home & School Association, and actively works with various community groups to ask for their feedback and input.

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Joseph Ruccolo is a newcomer to the political scene, but he is running as a father looking to make a difference for his kids and those like them. He is active in coaching both flag football and soccer, and is someone who understands the challenges of families with special needs children first hand, bringing a unique perspective and voice that is sorely needed on the Board. Combine all of this with his leadership qualities he had developed as an Officer in the U.S. Army, and I believe you have a strong addition to Moorestown’s BOE.

I will be voting for both of these stellar candidates on Nov. 5, and I hope that my fellow Moorestown residents will do the same. We could use their combined experience, perspective, and desire to continue fiscal responsibility for the next three years in Moorestown.

Angelo Lamberto


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