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LETTER: Vote Nov. 5

I have had the opportunity to attend several school board meetings over the course of the past year, so I feel I have a better than average understanding of the function of the school board and its members.

Due to this knowledge, it is without hesitation that I support and will be voting for Lisa Mansfield, Joe De Julius, and Jay Levenson. They stand behind providing our children academically excellent programs. These individuals have a proven record of supporting education efficiently, effectively, and economically.

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They are three independent thinkers who each bring their own expertise to the table.

Being aware of the candidates running for school board, there is cause for pause.

In a town of approximately 50,000 residents, one of the candidates that we are asked to consider is the wife of a current school board member. That means two out of nine voting members, or 22 percent of the votes rests with one family. They could be voting for school related issues that affect our children and our taxes. As a voter this is food for thought.

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5. Information about Mansfield, De Julius and Levenson can be found at www.facebook.com/MDLforEveshamSchools.

Robin Almond


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