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Moorestown, Cinnaminson enter shared services agreement for 2014 budget

Cinnaminson Township signed a shared services agreement with Moorestown Township, slated to generate $20,000 in revenue for the 2014 budget.

According to committee member Don Brauckmann, Moorestown Township will hold its court in Cinnaminson Township’s Municipal Complex.

Moorestown’s Town Hall burned down in August 2007, and last December, council broke ground for a new town hall/library complex.

According to Moorestown Mayor Stacey Jordan, council has not decided what to do with court in town.
Prior to signing the agreement with Cinnaminson, Moorestown was utilizing Maple Shade’s complex.

“Holding day court in Maple Shade was causing some timing problems,” Jordan said. “They were gracious to let us there when we had the fire, and Cinnaminson is gracious enough to allow us there now.”

According to Cinnaminson township administrator Mickey King, there is zero impact on the budget and taxpayers.

“It doesn’t affect Cinnaminson police officers. Moorestown is bringing their own clerks and workloads,” King said. “Other than giving them the courtroom, there is no impact. It’s a win for us, absolutely.”

According to Jordan, Moorestown is undecided whether it will construct a new court or continue using a shared services agreement with Cinnaminson.

Currently, Moorestown township council meetings are being held at the high school.

“Town hall is being constructed and should be ready to go in April,” Jordan said. “We’re still working on what we’re doing, whether it’s better to keep a shared service and not have a courtroom. We’re looking at all different options.”

According to Jordan, the money has been budgeted and will be disbursed to Cinnaminson, rather than Maple Shade.

“In about a month, we’ll start the budget process, and the decision on how the money will be used will be made then,” King said.

“This is just one more way we’re exploring any and all options to be more efficient,” the township website said.

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