Shamong students perform well on NJ-ASK

Each year, New Jersey challenges its students to do their best on the state’s Assessment of Skills and Knowledge, commonly referred to as NJ-ASK. Districts establish high measures of achievement for their teachers and students, with the goal of achieving 100 percent proficiency in all areas tested. The teaching force accepts that challenge with independently developed and professionally delivered lessons to ensure the “whole” student receives the best possible education. Their philosophy has produced exceptional results over the years and last year was no exception.

When the results of the NJ-ASK were received in district, 48 students from grades three through eight achieved perfect scores on either mathematics or science. Remarkably, within this dignified group, two students: Michael Jentsch and Kevin Woytowich achieved perfection in both areas. Michael and Kevin are currently high school freshmen at Seneca High School.

On Oct. 15, the Board of Education will recognize these students for their accomplishment. All the district’s teachers and administrators will be there to express their respect and admiration to their students’ for their remarkable achievement.