Rehabilitation center celebrates Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Rehabilitation center celebrates Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival was celebrated Tuesday, Sept. 17, at The Voorhees Care and Rehabilitation Center along with representatives of the local Chinese community. Many helped welcome the season with Chinese senior citizens prior to celebrating with their own families and friends.

“The event was a huge success with hundreds in attendance, esteemed leaders and friends, special performances and delicious Chinese food!” said Grace Kong, director of Chinese Community with The Voorhees Care and Rehabilitation Center.

A local Voorhees community leader, K.K. Wu, owner of Elena Wu’s restaurant remarked, “I’m very impressed with this event offering cultural heritage to Chinese seniors and am grateful to know these programs and services exist which cater to Chinese in Voorhees, my hometown.”

Many Chinese leaders visited including: Steven Tran and Irvin Choi, president of the PA Chinese Benevolent Association, and Hung Lam, president of the PA Chinese Senior Citizens Association.

Mabel Chin, chairwoman of the Hip Sing Association, honored the crowd with her beautiful folk dancing, and Janne Chin, president of the Chinese-American Women’s Sisterhood Society, also helped engage the audience.

Everyone was delighted with the board members’ colorful costumes and dancing from Chinese opera and other folk elements. The leaders surprised The Voorhees Care and Rehabilitation Center’s Chinese Seniors with special moon cakes and gifts.

At The Voorhees Care and Rehabilitation Center, there is a unique Chinese cultural unit with Chinese staff and authentic Chinese cuisine prepared by a local chef.