Summer 2013 Champion of Seniors Award presented to Runyan

Congressman Jon Runyan (NJ-3) was presented with the “Summer 2013 Champion of Seniors Award” by The National Grange, a nonpartisan grassroots organization that advocates on behalf of America’s rural seniors, for Runyan’s outstanding leadership on behalf of seniors.

Criteria for the award included:

Exhibiting outstanding leadership in Congress to protect Medicare, which is critical to millions of American seniors and their families.

Opposing across the board cuts made by unelected boards.

Ensuring access to affordable prescription medicines for seniors through the Medicare Part D program and opposing any efforts to implement price controls or similar measures that would lead to increases in premiums for seniors.

Demonstrating a continued commitment to protect the doctor/patient relationship for seniors and opposing any efforts that might weaken it in any way.

Preserving a vast selection of health care options for seniors so that they may choose the best plan for themselves and their families.

Representing senior constituents with individual issues before government agencies so that they receive the benefits and services they have earned.

Supporting government services and necessary funding for senior programs in the Representative’s district.

Jon Runyan received the award for his unwavering efforts to protect the health benefits and security of New Jersey’s seniors and citizens with disabilities. Runyan was presented the award during a ceremony at Virtua Health and Wellness Center in Moorestown, New Jersey, along with Lori A. Heberley, MA, LPC, CMC, South Jersey Geriatric Care, P.C. of Haddonfield NJ; Leonard Smith, Paladin Medical Equipment LLC; Linda Coppinger, Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter; and, Brian Maroney, Right at Home of Moorestown New Jersey.