Opinion: BOE members’ dismissal of coach morally reprehensible

A point that has not been mentioned is that the BOE took recommendations from the athletic director and principal of Eastern High School in June, and then did not render a decision until August at their next meeting. We all realize politics is a dirty game, and that change is inevitable but to dismiss a coach who has dedicated 28 years of his life to the school, program, and student athletes — is morally reprehensible.

There are new and returning student athletes, and every one of them and their parents will have their own opinions on this situation. Even the new coach will have his, and I do wish him luck — but everyone should question how a Group 4 high school could allow the BOE to not have a coach decided before the season begins.

Could you ever see this happening to the field hockey program?

So, in the end, everyone will go about their lives and forget this sad chapter in EHS athletics, correct? But ask yourselves this — when do you need to question the policy of duly appointed members of the BOE to allow this debacle to take place? So many differing stories of unions, and whose child was allowed to run what race, and friendships, and backroom deals have been mentioned in the past two months — that one wonders if this is all that we should expect in the future

Ed Sokolowski