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Starting this week, expect a big push in sports coverage

From Day 1 here at Elauwit, we have yearned to expand the sports content in the towns we cover. The youth sports scene is one that draws a lot of attention and interest from players, parents and community members alike, and we have always known that it was a key area of coverage for us.

Starting with this week’s issue, Aug. 21, we are excited to announce that your town’s youth sports — from Little Leagues to youth soccer to high school sports — will receive the extra attention they deserve.

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Nick Cohen, our former associate editor for the towns of Mt. Laurel, Shamong and Tabernacle, will take the reins as our first-ever sports reporter, responsible for covering every one of our towns.

This week, you will see extensive fall sports previews for each of your town’s public high schools, including a profile story and full season schedules for each sport. We will have another similar preview for the winter and spring sports seasons in the upcoming 2013–2014 school year.

We are planning regular coverage of high school sports throughout the seasons, as well as profile stories and photos of youth sports. After all, high school sports aren’t the only games in town.

Finally, Nick is working on an extensive, multi-part series on safety in youth sports — how it has changed and its effects on youth sports, from the professional level all the way down to the local level. We expect the series to begin sometime this fall.

If you are a coach, parent, player or fan who has a story idea, photo or invitation to cover an event, please contact Nick directly.

While we are greatly increasing our focus on sports coverage, we still need your help to keep us in tune and up to date with all the happenings throughout town. Please continue to send in your photos, game roundups and story ideas. Your help can only make our coverage even better.

Sports story ideas?

Have a good sports story idea, or a photo or news to submit to us? Contact our sports reporter, Nick Cohen, directly via e-mail at ncohen@elauwit.com.


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