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County distributing new “Yield to Pedestrian” signs

Each year, the Camden County Freeholder Board’s Division of Highway Traffic Safety distribute new “Yield to Pedestrians” signs to each of Camden County’s municipal police departments.

These non-projectile signs are designed to safely withstand an impact from an automobile without endangering nearby pedestrians or other vehicles. The county also provides information on the proper use, maintenance and installation of the NJDOT-approved signs.

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As a dad, Freeholder Scot McCray believes these signs do help to slow down traffic and are imperative for school zones and crosswalks throughout the county to protect children.

“Pedestrian safety is a main priority for highway safety,” said McCray, liaison to the Camden County Division of Highway Traffic Safety. “These signs will enhance safety for the kids and families in high traffic areas across the county and provide a well marked corridor for residents to cross busy streets.”

This is the 25th year Camden County has provided the signs to municipalities, and the distribution always occurs before the start of each school year. This year’s distribution took place on Aug. 15 at the Camden County Department of Public Safety. Police departments are encouraged to deploy their pedestrian signs in high traffic areas and near schools.

“It is imperative for motorists to stop for pedestrian crosswalks and school crossings,” McCray said. “Not only is it the law in New Jersey, it could be a matter of life and death.”

The Camden County Division of Highway Traffic Safety sponsors programs to promote pedestrian safety, occupant protection and bicycle safety. The division also implements programs to safeguard the public against impaired driving and road rage.


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