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Camden County Freeholders’ update on gun violence in Camden

Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Mayor Dana Redd and Council President Frank Moran joined Chief Thomson recently to update members of the media on gun violence reduction efforts in the city of Camden since the May 1 launch of the Camden County Police Department. Since the CCPD has been in operation, there are several indicators the department highlighted including gun seizures, homicides and daytime shootings. Based upon those statistics individually, gun seizures are up 76 percent from this time last year, homicides are down 29 percent and daytime shootings are down more than 44 percent.

Cappelli talked about the determination and commitment of the police officers that are assigned to the streets and sidewalks of Camden.

“The men and women of this police department are doing an excellent job working in this city and have made a measureable impact here,” Cappelli said. “For years, as an elected official, I received very few comments and correspondence about the police department in the city until now. Residents have reached out to me thanked us for the presence of the Metro Division.”

Redd said the new department has been on the streets and playgrounds and is providing the children of Camden a safe place to play.

“If you ride around the city you can see the difference, and that difference resides in the children of Camden,” she said. “Kids are in the parks and playing in the streets again, there is an impact that is tangible to the city and to our residents. From reducing violent crime in Parkside and Fairview, to seeing police officers playing with our youth and being positive role models, I’m confident we will see more improvements as the Metro continues to staff up.”

Based upon those remarks the Camden County Police Department has recovered 74 firearms over the last three months and reduced the scourge of daytime shootings by 44 percent over last year. Furthermore, daytime homicides are down 91 percent over last year.

Thomson talked about his assessment on the county operation.

“This police department has a mission for this city, which is to reduce crime and make our neighbors feel safe to walk down the street, go to the park and sit on their porch,” Thomson said. “Our officers are working hard to engage the community and are living by the ethos set forth by this organization, which is service before self.”

In the neighborhoods of Parkside and Fairview violent crime has come down considerably by 67 percent and 54 percent respectively. Both neighborhoods have seen reductions in crime and citywide the violent crime is down 11 percent.

“We are proud of the positive impact the Camden County Police Department has had on reducing gun violence in the city over the first 90 days of operation,” said Cappelli. “We still have a long way to go, but the first 90 days have exceeded expectations.”

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