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KidPub Press announces new book ‘Where’s my Stick?’

KidPub Press has announced publication of “Where’s My Stick?” a new book by Cherry Hill fifth-grader Cameron Huber.

The book tells the story of Kira, a young lacrosse star who must solve the mystery of her missing lacrosse stick.

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The book came from Cameron’s love of lacrosse, which she has been playing for three years.

“It’s my favorite sport, and I wanted to make a book about it,” Cameron said. Cameron adds that her own illness during her second lacrosse season helped her write the book.

Cameron began writing at age 5 and would sell her books on her street. She encourages other young authors to follow in her footsteps. Her family has played a big role in the development of “Where’s My Stick?”

Cameron attends the St. Rose of Lima School and spends her time drawing, reading, and hanging out with friends.
Along with lacrosse, she participates in cheerleading, field hockey and gymnastics.

“Where’s My Stick?” along with other books written by young authors, is available for purchase online at and at the publisher’s bookstore (

KidPub Press is a member of the Independent Book Publishing Association.


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