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LETTER: Mayor condemn anti-Semitic comments from BOE member

LETTER: Mayor condemn anti-Semitic comments from BOE member

As mayor of Evesham Township, I condemn in the strongest possible terms the unacceptable anti-Semitic statements made by Evesham School Board member Rosemary Bernardi during a recent Evesham School Board meeting.

I am appalled that a member of our local school board would single out Jewish schoolchildren and Jewish members of our school board especially in a public meeting.

These statements are particularly troubling since Ms. Bernardi is responsible for implementing curriculum for Evesham schoolchildren.

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She has set a terrible example for our children by making these remarks. Instead of implementing lessons of tolerance, diversity and anti-bullying, Ms. Bernardi has stained the reputation of our school district.

More than six decades after the world’s collective horror at the Holocaust, anti-Semitism remains a dangerous menace.
These types of remarks, especially by a member of a board of education, are simply unacceptable.

We must resolve that “never again” is more than just an empty slogan.

We must guard against indifference and stand against ignorance and anti-Semitism no matter when and where it takes place.
As a result, I am calling for Ms. Bernardi to immediately resign as a member of the Evesham School Board and as the vice-president of the N.J. School Boards Association.

Mayor Randy Brown

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