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BOE approved outsourcing WAMS night custodians

BOE approved outsourcing WAMS night custodians

Moorestown Board of Education members approved a three-year contract with ABM, a janitorial service company, outsourcing the night custodial staff at William Allen Middle School.

According to business administrator Lynn Shugars, the contract would save the district approximately $120,00 per year, or $360,000 total.

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ABM would replace four night custodians at the school.

The company’s contract ends on June 30 and the district received multiple bids. ABM and Blue Stripes Property were the lowest bidders.

Teachers protested the board’s consideration of bringing ABM to replace night custodians at WAMS when the topic appeared on the May 22 board of education meeting agenda.

Many teachers said there is not only a safety issue surrounding outsourced custodians, but the work the company would be paid for might not be up to par with that of the current staff.

“Put safety and quality first,” teacher Heather Trapani said.

According to Trapani, formal complaints surrounding missing items, uncleanliness and other issues were filed about the ABM custodial service.

According to board president Don Mishler, the school district outsources other services such as bus drivers, lunch staff and grounds personnel. The district is attempting to save money in areas that would not greatly affect the students.

AMB currently provides evening custodial services in all the elementary schools and a portion of the high school, Shugars said.

As for the list of complaints presented on May 22, Mishler said it isn’t the first time these issues were presented, but they were not left untouched.

“We have been able to manage this list. It’s not without its issue, but we believe it has been successful in what we were looking to achieve and that’s cost savings,” Mishler said after the May 22 meeting, adding issues would arise in any situation and it’s the districts job to handle those issues accordingly.

Mishler was unable to be reached for further comment.

The next board of education meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 25, in the WAMS library at 7:30 p.m.


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