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LETTER: School start date does not make sense

LETTER: School start date does not make sense

I don’t have school-age kids or religious beliefs that start at sundown, but the Cohens’ letter got me thinking.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see a week compromised by two holidays is a bad time to start school.

It also seems a little bizarre to start the year on a Friday. One day of orientation and then, “that’s enough of that” for a weekend?

Is it such a brain strain to avoid an obvious holiday and hold off until Monday to start school?

The kids who miss Friday would be coming in anyhow.

Those children are liable to be scrutinized by their junior peers as “lucky” to have an extra day off. Prejudice can start in small, odd ways.

The whole student body could benefit from a continuous week to organize their schedules and thoughts.

I can imagine what the work ethic of a young adult will be if they think a good or average week has more days off than learning or doing something productive.

It is reasonable and respectful to make minor adjustments to accommodate major and recognized religious red-letter days.

It may even be an important life lesson.

Anybody who needs a different perspective may consider sending their kids to school Friday, Dec. 27.

Carolyn Marshall

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