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Update: black bear spotted near Pennsauken Creek

The black bear was most recently observed by police officers in the area of Browning and Cottage Avenues, on the south side of Cottage adjacent to the Pennsauken Creek early this morning. The bear has avoided contact with people by retreating into the wooded areas.

To co-exist with the bear, NJ DEP strongly encourages residents to keep their trash cans secure and to not put them out at the street until the morning trash is collected, as this will encourage the bear to move on. While this is a new experience for everybody, NJ DEP cautions that families should not bring their children to see the bear and note that feeding a bear is against the law.

Contact the Police Department at 856–234–8300 if you see the bear so we can keep track of its location. Report damage or nuisance behavior by the bear to the NJ DEP 24/7 Bear Hotline at 877–927–6337.

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