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Council had a busy Monday agenda

Council had a busy Monday agenda

Moorestown Council was busy on Monday, making a move on revenue items and approving the final 2013 budget.

On second reading, council approved adopting a field sponsorship program, awarded East Gate the township’s fifth liquor license and approved the municipal budget, which results in residents seeing a minimal tax increase of $27 per year for the average assessed home.

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Resident Mark Hines was concerned with the approval of the 2013 budget and the township’s used surplus from four liquor licenses awarded to the Moorestown Mall last year.

According to township CFO Tom Merchel, when the township awarded $4 million in liquor licenses to the mall, the township’s revenue increased to $5.266 million. Merchel said the surplus, after $2.375 million used in the 2013 budget, leaves the township with just less than $3 million in surplus.

Hines said his main concern is with the township using 10 percent of the appropriations, which might make it difficult to replenish what was gained.

“It’s not a practice I really advocate,” Hines said.

Hines asked council if there is plan next year to “close the gap” on used appropriations and revenues.

“To me, this says we have an unsustainable budget and it has to be dealt with at some point. We are about 10 percent short of revenue outside of the surplus versus our appropriations,” he said.

Township manager Scott Carew reassured Hines the sale of the $1.03 million license to East Gate would add to the township revenue. A sixth license, to an unknown recipient, would be awarded in the future.

The license would be used shortly, according to East Gate’s lawyer Niall O’Brien. According to O’Brien, two or three tenants are interested in the Friendly’s location on Nixon Drive.

Another source of revenue for the township is sponsorship program. Carew said the township and athletic clubs would split the proceeds after costs related to the program are covered. The program would offer annual banner sponsorship opportunities as well as field naming rights.

He said the township will collect the money for the banners, and volunteers from the athletic and recreational organizations would help solicit for those funds.

Field banners for 2013 (June to Dec. 1) are $400 for most fields and $600 for the turf fields. Costs for 2014 banners are still being determined, according to Taylor Design Group representatives.

Field naming rights range from five- to 10-year terms with a minimum bid of $5,000 for five years on smaller fields and a minimum of $35,000 for 10 years for one of the turf fields.


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