Tricentennial Tree Sale

The Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission announced the start of theTree Sale, an opportunity to purchase a selection of ornamental and shade trees for planting in the home garden or donating for streetside or public park plantings.

This opportunity to purchase trees for planting in Haddonfield public or private properties will continue through mid-September and will culminate on October 5,

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Tricentennial Tree Day, with a community tree planting and celebration.

The Haddonfield Shade Tree Commission has selected fifteen small, medium and large trees suitable for various growing conditions in gardens or along streets. All will provide shade as they grow. Some have showy flowers or fruits. Many are native, offering food and shelter to our local birds and other wildlife.

Planting a tree is an ideal way to commemorate the birth of a child or grandchild or to mark other important family events or just to enhance the beauty of your yard. And while the Tricentennial Tree program is not intended to replace the town’s own tree planting initiatives, it is nevertheless an excellent opportunity to supplement shade tree plantings at a time when Haddonfield’s focus is on the removal of our blight-stricken red oak and pin oak trees.

All trees will come prepped, pruned and labeled as Tricentennial Trees. Donated trees are tax-deductible and will be planted by trained teams at selected locations. Trees purchased for private property will be ready for pick-up and planting on or before

October 5. The trees, priced at $125 each, will be 5 to 8 feet tall with a 1 to 11/2” diameter trunk, grown in containers for easier handling. A limited selection of Premium trees, priced at $350 each, will be taller, with a 2 to 21/2” diameter trunk; the Premium tree price includes planting. All purchasers, donors, sponsors and volunteers will be honored in print and online for their support. Records of this event will be presented to the Historical Society of Haddonfield for posterity

The Shade Tree Commission Table will be back in Kings Court on May 11 and May 18. Volunteers are also being recruited to help with the delivery and planting of the Tricentennial Trees and for the October 5 celebration. For additional information visit the Shade Tree Commission website where you will find brochures, fact sheets and photos of the Tricentennial Trees, information on tree planting and tree care and volunteer opportunities.

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