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Budget hearing set for May 7

Medford Township officials are anticipating the township’s budget approval from the state before moving forward with adoption.

According to township manager Chris Schultz, Medford is in a cycle where a third of the municipalities’ budgets are reviewed.
The council introduced the budget at the March 19 meeting with no tax levy increase.

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The state recently contacted the council for clarification, Schultz said. Last year, the state evaluated the budget due to the referendum.

The public hearing date and adoption is scheduled for May 7.

In other news:

• The council is in discussion about towing vendors used by the township and police. The ordinance was amended for police to use towers on a rotating basis.

“There is no appeal as of yet,” Schultz said. “The ordinance has an appeal process that any applicant may utilize per the ordinance once the written decision is made.”

Township council agreed with the manager of Pioneer Auto Body and Eagle Auto Body for the limited capacity tower recommendation, Medford Village Car Care for the full capacity tower recommendation, a company with capabilities to tow very large and heavy vehicles, and recommended to reject Mark Allen Auto Repair for full and limited capacity tower, according to Schultz.

• Schultz advised the council to examine the food handlers permit fees, generally applied for in December and renewed in January for business owners.

Additionally, the consideration will be made for quarterly applications. In case businesses come in the last quarter, owners would not have to wait until January, Schultz said.

According to Schultz, other fee ordinances will be looked into. The council will make the decision following further research.
The next township council meeting is scheduled for May 7 at 7:30 p.m. Meetings are held at the Public Safety Building, located at 91 Union St.


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