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REMINDER: Hydrant flushing until April 30

The following information was taken from Moorestown Township’s announcements.

The Moorestown Department of Public Works has a comprehensive hydrant flushing program that is implemented in the spring and fall every year. The 2013 hydrant flushing program will run until April 30, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Our goal is to ensure water quality is maintained at its optimal level and to properly maintain the township’s water distribution lines and hydrants. Flushing moves water through the pipes at a high velocity so that a scouring action is created. Water is then discharged through a fire hydrant, which in turn removes any material buildup from the pipe. The material removed from this process is harmless and requires no special treatment. Use of this flushing technique is critical to the maintenance of water quality and your water system.

Water service should not be interrupted although in some cases you will experience a drop in pressure or volume for a short period.
If the water appears discolored, we recommend that you give it a few hours to clear up then run your cold water faucet until you’re sure that the water has cleared. Never run the hot water as the discolored water will enter your hot water heater unnecessarily causing the need to run your water longer.

Avoid doing laundry until you are sure the water is clear.

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