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A dog park might make its way to Moorestown

A dog park may be coming to Moorestown in the near future.

As a part of an Eagle Scout project, Moorestown Boy Scout Troop 44 member John Matthews presented council with his plan to create a dog park in John Pryor Park. Members of council approved Matthews’ idea for the new dog park on Monday, Feb. 18.

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Matthews said he wanted to create a dog park for residents who would normally let their dogs off leash on outdoor recreational fields.

“This obviously isn’t a good thing. It messes up the sports fields and it’s also not really safe for the dogs. I thought it would be a good idea to create a dog park for these people to have their dogs run around off their leash and give them a place to do these things that would not really harm any other part of the town,” he said.

Matthews estimated the project to cost between $10,000 and $15,000. He said the Boy Scouts would build benches and tables and work on landscaping to create shaded areas. A contractor must put up the fencing.

Township manager Scott Carew said the township does have a cap on what can be done on public property. He said if the fence contractor’s proposal is above $14,187 the contractor will have to pay prevailing wages, which will raise the cost of the contract.

“Anything you can do to keep that number below $14,187 would make your life a whole lot easier,” he said.

Matthews hopes contractors for the fencing would be willing to donate their time and materials toward the project, but those donations were not included in the estimate.

“It’s better to be safe,” he said, adding if contractors were willing to make a donation, it would help with the cost of the project.

The plan to raise money for the project is to host fundraising events including a dog fair at Moorestown Day on June 1.

The fence system will include double gates for pets to safely enter and exit the park as well as separate fencing for maintenance vehicles.

Matthews said he hopes to receive contributions from local businesses as well as individual sponsors. Individual sponsors would be recognized with a sign on the dog park site if he or she donates $50, he said.

Carew enjoyed the idea of having individual sponsors at the dog park, but he suggested Matthews should consider placing a “rules and regulations” sign at the park.

Considering the park will be placed approximately 150 feet from the nearest home, the sign should include park hours as well as rules of conduct. Carew also suggested garbage cans and doggie bag dispensers should be placed in the plan.

Mayor Stacey Jordan recommended Matthews should go door-to-door explaining the project to the residents in that area and get their blessing, to help avoid a “not in my backyard” situation.

“I think sometimes when you go and talk to people about it before, you have a better chance of moving forward with things,” she said.

Carew said by creating this dog park, it would help eliminate residents from taking their dogs into gated recreational fields.

“To provide this option, it’s going to be a huge help to all of us,” Carew said.

Councilman Phil Garwood said he expects a positive response from the dog park, adding he expects many residents to volunteer their time to help.

“It’s a win-win for everybody. Unleash the dogs,” he said.


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