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Municipal tax hike is possible depending on aid numbers

A minor tax hike is possible for the township, pending official state aid numbers not yet released at press time.

The average assessed home of $308,000 may see a tax rate increase of one cent, according to Township Administrator Sue Onorato.

Last year, the one-penny tax increase resulted in $41,000 in revenue for the township. If taxes were to increase another penny, the township could see up to $61,500 per average assessed homes.

The proposed budget for 2013 will be $2.6 million, a difference of $169,617 from 2012.

According to Onorato, the open space payments provided by the state will be gone by 2015, a loss of $113,000 for the township.

Additionally the township will be losing the $250,000 State Park Grant, one of the biggest differences in revenue, according to Onorato.

As a result, Mayor Jon Shevelew wants to pass an ordinance restricting Shamong emergency or fire services to respond to state park emergencies.

“We’ll pass an ordinance that says you cannot use our money to provide state services,” Shevelew said.

The township recently signed a shared services agreement with Burlington Township to create revenue. Shamong could see up to $5,000 in just administration fees, according to Onorato.

In other new, Boy Scout Jack Dougherty will be cleaning up the War Memorial in front of the 1921 Building at the Indian Mills School to reach Eagle Scout status. He plans to do maintenance on the building in addition to honoring Shamong active and retired military veterans.

According to a release about the project, those who qualify to be honored must have been Shamong Township residents and will be honored by having their names added to the Shamong Township War Monument.

Eligible candidates or their survivors must provide proof the soldier was a resident of Shamong Township at the time of deployment and also must provide proof of active service for at least 14 days.

The deadline to submit soldiers’ names is March 31. The project is slated to begin sometime this spring.

To submit proof of residency and military service, residents must mail or drop off information to the Shamong Township Clerk at the municipal building for verification.

For more information on the memorial, call (609) 654–7683.

In other news, Tuesday April 30 will be Seneca’s Senior Day of Service. Four to five volunteers will be cleaning up around the municipal building in addition to planting flowers.

The rain date for the event is May 31.

The next township workshop meeting will be held March 26 at 7:30 p.m. at the municipal build

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