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East coffee house honors Charlie Musumeci, breaks records

The Cherry Hill community sure does adore Charlie Musumeci.

At the annual East coffee house on Saturday, Jan. 19, a record breaking $8,600 was raised to support the Millie Schembechler Fund for Adrenal Cancer Research.

Musumeci is currently battling adrenal cancer, but was able to attend the night and speak from his perch on a couch.

In the past, coffee house events have raised funds for several causes, including autism research and suicide prevention.

“This year, we wanted to honor someone in Cherry Hill,” said Choral Director Laurie Lausi.

The school has eight performing groups in the vocal department and 300 students that participate, she said.

Despite the chilly weather, the auditorium filled and “broke all kinds of records,” she said, including a record attendance of more than 1,300 people and a record number of T-shirts sold, which alone generated $2,000.

The community was generous, handing over cash to help the fund, she said.

“Charlie has one of those unbelievable can-do kind of spirits,” Lausi said. “He’s such a fighter. He will not give up.”

The three-hour long concert once took place in the cafeteria when the coffee house began eight years ago. Moving to the auditorium this year was a no brainer, “and thank goodness,” said Lausi.

While East Singers have had a “really nice year,” the intent of the event has been to give students involved in other areas of the school a way to show off their talents.

“As music students, we’re always working toward a concert and a project,” she said. “Other students, they don’t get that opportunity.”

Art students, she said, designed logos for the theme, made jewelry and other artwork, and set up a table with all proceeds from sales going to the fund.

The student government association, cooking class and athletic teams were also represented — to name a few.

“Charlie has coached so many different teams,” Lausi said.

A club named Inspiration accompanied a choir of students, teachers and administrators who sang a parody, written by Lausi, of The Beatle’s “Come Together.”

But the highlight of the night, she said, was when Musumeci spoke to the crowd.

“It was such an inspiration,” she said. “He truly made his mark on hundreds of lives that night.”

Parody in honor of Charlie Musumeci

The following lyrics for the parody of “Come Together” by The Beatles were written and provided by Laurie Lausi, choral director, and were performed at the annual coffee house on Saturday, Jan. 19.

Verse 1: Here comes our Charlie. He come / groovin’ up slowly. He’s got / c-wing duty in the/ early morning and he also coaches cross country to run very swift. Eats an apple every day if it’s honey crisp!

“Shhm” (2 3 4) “Moose!” (2 3 4) “Shhm” (2 3 4) “Moose!” (2 3 4)

Verse 2: He coaches softball He’s a/ drama teacher He’s got/ so much spirit He can/ coach cheer leaders He say/ I know you — You know me. /He can make a friend with you and also with me.

Come together, right now, over me.

Verse 3: He is the mover and he/ is a shaker He is/always giving he is/ not a taker He can/ make you laugh at the drop of a hat. / He is always busy doing this, doing that.

Come together, right now, over me.

Verse 4: He writes those movies and he/ loves the drama we sure/ loved the role played by his/ crazy mama He went/ on the stage to star in The Wuz. / Everyone just loved it and the night was a buzz!

Come together, right now, over me.

Snapshot of the future

There are several performances on tap before the school year comes to a close, including one later this week and the annual spring show.

On Friday, Feb. 1 at 7:30 p.m., stop by Trinity Presbyterian Church, 499 Marlton Pike East, Cherry Hill, for the “East Meets West” concert, which will be part of the Trinity Concert Series.

According to Lausi, this is the first time in 15 years that students from both schools will be performing together.

There is no admission fee, but a goodwill offering will be taken.

The concert, according to Lausi, will be featuring the East Singers, Belles of East, Madrigals, Casual Harmony, Key of She, West Singers, Men of Note, Chamber Singers and Fermata.

For more details, call (856) 795–3123 or visit www.trinpres.org.

Look for more information on the spring concert as the event nears, but the date is currently set for Thursday, May 16 at 7:30 p.m. and will include all choirs from East.

There will be free admission to that event as well.

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