Bancroft CEO releases statement on the next step for the property

The following is a statement that was released tonight by Bancroft’s President and CEO, Toni Pergolin.

“After many years of intense debate over the future of our Haddonfield property, we are pleased that a decision has been made and a direction set for Bancroft’s future.

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Haddonfield — Bancroft’s home for 130 years — is one of the region’s most desirable communities, and it has always been a wonderful place for our students and staff. We are excited to begin the process of modernizing our campus, so we can provide the best possible services here in Haddonfield for many, many years to come.

We know there will be challenges along the way, but we look forward to working proactively with Borough representatives to make the process as smooth and positive as possible for everyone.

Our motivation throughout this process has been to provide modern living, learning and working environments for our students and staff. We are excited about the opportunity to design and build a new school and residences that meet the specific needs of our students. These changes will have a significant positive impact on hundreds of students with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

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