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Two residents saved from house fire

According to a news release sent by Moorestown Fire Marshal Robert Worrell, volunteer fire departments of Moorestown responded to a second story fire which was reported to have started in an attic/bedroom on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 7:55 a.m.

Occupants were sleeping while the fire was burning on the second floor, he said in the report, adding the smoke detectors did not activate since the sensors were located below the fire.

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Two telecommunication workers, spotted heavy smoke coming from the gable vent located on the north side of the home, Worrell said.

Both workers began banging on front and back doors to alert the occupants. After a short time of banging on the door, the oldest son came to the door and one of the telecommunication workers told him the house was on fire. The young man then went back in to wake his younger sister.

Marian Boben, another passerby assisted with providing a blanket and the warmth of her vehicle for the young occupants.

The telecommunication workers saved the lives of two young Moorestown residents, Worrell said.

According to Worrell, the cause of the fire was investigated. Although no official determination has been documented, the cause of the fire appears to be squirrels could have gotten into the gutter area on the north end of the dwelling and chewed on wires starting an electrical fire.


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