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Short film tells recent tale of tire slashing

As steam rolled off the top of the Styrofoam cup, he slowly sipped his coffee. Chad Schultz, Moorestown resident and son of former Philadelphia Flyer Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, was immersed in telling his story about his film and screen-writing hobby rather than taking a full swig of his coffee.

“The first movie I saw was ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ I was pretty much hooked on watching films. Stories especially,” he said.

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Schultz’ recent production, “Slashed,” is based on the Northeast Philadelphia tire slashing incidents that occurred this summer.

While visiting his sister-in-law in Northeast Philadelphia, Schultz was standing on the sidewalk when he came up with the idea to write and film “Slashed.”

Schultz decided he could write and produce an 11-minute short film but it had to be done quickly to keep up with the slew of articles and news coverage, he said.

“It kind of came to me real quick,” Schultz said.

He wrote the script that night and tried to complete it as soon as possible. He wanted to make sure his production was “fresh.”

Schultz said he doesn’t know the motives of the tire slasher. He wanted to tell a story people could relate to.

“I like stories about real people. I like stories that are more fantasy. For some reason, when I write, I really like trying to get what’s real about people,” he said.

“Slashed” is not Schultz’ first production.

Working as a creative director at One Trick Pony — an advertising agency in Hammonton — Schultz started his filmmaking and writing hobby after taking an English and film studies course at Bishop Eustace Preparatory School.

He was responsible for editing the music video his group created, he said.

“I loved editing and after school got an internship at Comcast SportsNet where I was a video archivist,” he said.

While interning at Comcast, Schultz spent time working for a production company, where he learned how to use 35 and 45-mm film, he said.

After high school, Schultz did not go to college for film studies. Instead, he went to Loyola College in Baltimore, Md., for teaching. At one point, Schultz taught economics to elementary school students, he said.

Receiving his teaching degree seemed more practical than film studies. He always wanted to be a teacher, he said.

Film is Schultz’ hobby, and he eventually turned it into his career. The self-taught producer and screenplay writer made his first short film in 2003 called “Conspiracized” — a political horror film directed and written by Schultz.

He won a few awards at film festivals and received reviews from underground film magazines, but the film never got picked up by a major studio, he said.

From his first short film to the most recent, Schultz has written approximately 10 screenplays consisting of “some [he] won’t show and others [he] will try to get made.”

Although Schultz enjoys creating short films, he is more interested in creating feature films and eventually wants to produce a documentary.

If the short films don’t work out, Schultz said he might take one of his stories and turn it into a novel.

For now, Schultz will stick with screen writing and short film production.

“The screenplays aren’t really books. They are not really articles or anything like that,” said Schultz. “Screenplays are meant to be formed, created and shot. They are meant to change from the environment and the moment. They are more unpredictable. I definitely like that about it.”

To find out more about “Slashed” and the cast visit www.slashedfilm.com or visit www.facebook.com/slashedshortfilm.

If you want to see the trailer, visit vimeo.com/527739911.


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