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Mother-daughter group is expanding

For more than 30 years, a group of Cherry Hill mothers and their daughters, in grades kindergarten through senior year, have joined together to build the sometimes impossible — close, meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Kateri Maidens, an informal alternative to the traditional girl scouts, offers a unique opportunity for mothers and daughters to bond through various events including fundraising efforts, community service outreach, and an endless array of fun activities.

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Started in 1980, Kateri Maidens was a spinoff group from the YMCA Indian Princesses; the latter established as a father-daughter group.

A group of women decided to take this concept to another level, involving mothers and daughters with the goal of fostering relationships that often become strained and even estranged during the adolescent and teen years.

The philosophy was simple, yet so important: start early, make it fun, set quality time on a routine basis, and commit to make the relationship a priority.

Today, Kateri Maidens has nearly 100 mother-daughter members.

There are seven “tribes” (similar to scout dens) that make up the entire “nation,” and monthly gatherings and activities are held through the school months.

Activities include camp outs in cabins, ski trips, sleepovers at nearby landmarks and museums, horseback riding, skating, and more.

New tribes are forming now and interested parties should contact nation chief, Liz Stakenburg at (856) 751–7449.


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